A friendly competition among residents to learn, find resources, and take action to reduce your household’s climate impact. Using a fun and easy website, earn points for reducing your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and share points with your team, neighborhood and community group to win prizes and bragging rights.


In California, we are already feeling the effects of climate change firsthand with more extreme weather, intense wildfires, and droughts. Without decisive action, we face even greater environmental, economic, social and health impacts in decades to come.

The good news is that solutions already exist at all levels — from individuals like you to businesses to local, state and federal government — to create a healthier planet for our children and their children. Piedmont’s Climate Action Plan sets ambitious targets for reducing GHG emissions: ⇩40% by 2030 and ⇩80% by 2050. 


For the first 6-month challenge, winning teams, neighborhoods and groups will earn prizes and recognition at the second citywide Tasting a Sustainable Future event in April 2020.

NOW to MARCH 2020

200+ households participate

⇩5,000 lbs of GHG per household

⇩1+ million lbs of GHG citywide (~10% of 2030 goal)


  • Sign up your family online to discover and log actions. The Piedmont Climate Challenge website will be live soon at www.piedmontclimatechallenge.org.

  • Host a party to get a team started. Piedmont Connect Ambassadors can help launch your team.

  • Find helpful tips, ask questions, and share successes.

  • Earn points for reducing GHG, help your team, neighborhood & community group win the challenge!


Jonathan Becker
Liz Behrens
Marj Blackwell
Moira Chapman
Jeff Dorman
Debi Fitzgerrell
Claudia Harrison
Garrett Keating
Judy Kelly
Ronna Kelly
Hugh Louch
Samantha Miller
Susan Miller-Davis
Margaret Ovenden
Jina Saikia
Julia Walsh
Tom Webster


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